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Why You Should Do SAFe DevOps Certification?

What is SAFe?

SAFe in Agile stands for Scaled Agile Framework that helps the enterprises to implement Lean-Agile principles at large scale. It comprises of a set of workflow patterns and tools to adopt Agile practices in an organization. It has gained popularity among different types of organization due to its effective results. SAFe promotes a work culture where everything is aligned to deliver good quality products. It is developed by merging three strong concepts of Lean Manufacturing, Agile Software Development and Systems Thinking. SAFe is still under development and new versions are released from time-to-time. The latest version was released in March 2023 as SAFe 6.0.

SAFe Certifications

SAFe is one of the most popular frameworks in Agile and gives competitive advantage to the organizations that adopt its practices. However, it is necessary to onboard professionals who can handle the implementation properly. SAFe Certifications train individual and teams to attain the expertise in Lean-Agile practices and also give career growth to them. Acekube is a platform that serves the purpose for professionals seeking certifications and guidance in SAFe. Some of the courses offered on the platform are as follows:

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a methodology in which software development processes and IT operations. Basically it is used to automate the process of the cross-functional teams. DevOps initiatives result in enhanced collaboration among developers, testers and operations team. There is a shift in the work culture as well because of introduction of automation and integration in the process. Some of the benefits of DevOps are:

  • Increase in speed

  • Faster delivery

  • Assured delivery of good quality

  • Improvement in collaboration

  • Improvised security controls

Why you should do SAFe DevOps Certification?

Why you should do SAFe DevOps Certification? Unlock a world of opportunities by gaining in-demand skills that foster seamless collaboration and streamlined delivery. SAFe DevOps Certification empowers you to bridge the gap between development and operations, driving continuous improvement and delivering real business value. With global recognition, you'll be ready for international job markets, and your commitment to excellence will shine through. Embrace this transformative journey and pave your way to a successful and fulfilling career in the dynamic world of Agile and DevOps.

What is SAFe DevOps Certification?

SAFe DevOps is a course designed to help professionals in integration of SAFe practices and DevOps mindset to optimize value stream. The attendees of this course learn the following things:

WIncorporating continuous testing.

  • Integration to deliver value to consumers.

  • Design and implement DevOps transformation.

  • Evaluating the current status of the process using DevOps tools.

Benefits of SAFe DevOps Certification

  • Continuous Delivery of products

  • Improvement in Quality

  • Globally Accredited

  • Enhanced collaboration

  • Better communication

  • Decreases time-to-market

  • In-depth understanding of Software Development Life Cycle

  • Gives career boost

Who can attain this certification?

This certification can be taken by tech, non-tech and other professionals at the leadership positions.


SAFe Certifications are in demand as they have proved to increase efficiency of the professionals as well as the organization they are working with. SAFe DevOps Certification is one of the best courses that help in integration of tools and practices. It also boosts the career of the attendees and its implementation in the organization helps it to overcome the market challenges.


1. Who can benefit from SAFe DevOps Certification?

SAFe DevOps is a course that is not restricted to the technical professionals only. Managers, Scrum Master, Product Managers, Product Owners or other leader roles, tech as well as non-tech members can also get this certification to bring continuous improvement in the organization.

2. How can SAFe DevOps Certification contribute to organizational success?

The market has become very competitive so, the organizations need to adopt practices that can keep them ahead of others. SAFe DevOps Certification does exactly what is the need of the hour as it gives competitive advantage to the organization. This certification helps in optimization of stream value those results in improvement in quality and continuous delivery of products.

3. Is SAFe DevOps Certification recognized in the industry?

SAFe DevOps Certification is a globally acclaimed credential that has been in demand in recent years. This certification is designed to provide the required skill set to the practitioners to implement the strategy for continuous improvement.