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Who are we?

Acekube is a platform that focuses on customers to enhance individual and team’s agility to adapt to changing market needs quickly.


Our experienced coaches and trainers are delivering an array of certifications across a large spectrum of fields. This includes chemical, petrochemical, banking, finance, IT, retail and insurance sectors, spanning administrative, commercial, operations, business, technology, and management portfolios.

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Achieving Customer Excellence
Delivering growth through Business and Process Agility

All our trainers are certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs) and Agile Practitioners, having hands on experience of working as Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager.


We are Scaled Agile Inc. Silver Partner

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As a Silver Partner of SAFe®, world's leading scaling and enterprise agility framework, Acekube provides Training and Consulting to help our clients achieve Agility at scale and accelerate success.

Our Popular Courses

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Why Acekube is the Best Choice for Quality and Reliability?

Quality Matters
Experienced trainers and coaches

Individual, team and enterprise level training

Flexible Training time
Customer focused and pragmatic methodology

Impeccable post-training customer service 

Our Agility Experts have worked with 

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Some of the milestones reached so far...

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