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Key Benefits of SAFe Agile Certifications From Acekube

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

SAFe Agile Certification From Acekube

Before Starting the SAFe Agile certification topic First know a little about Software Development. Software Development is a field that involves creation and maintenance of complex applications, frameworks or other software components with the help of its various processes of specifying, designing, programming, conceiving, bug fixing, testing and documenting. To derive the desired results many methodologies have been released as one cannot be suitable for all projects. The successful implementation of these methodologies has popularized them in other sectors as well. Each methodology has its own set of principles, rules and regulations to attain the final product.

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile Model uses an iterative approach to handle the project by simplifying the whole complex work into small phases called Sprints. The model focuses on customer satisfaction so; their active involvement throughout the process for continuous feedback and changes is one of the features of this model. The Agile Manifesto of Software Development was launched in 2001 with a set of principles as a solution to the problem of flexibility in the already existing methodologies. There are different frameworks that have their own processes to implement Agile values in a project. SAFe, Scrum and DAD are few of the growing frameworks that seek to address the problems when scaling a project using Agile Model.

What is SAFe?

SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework is a scaling framework used to implement the Agile values in large organizations of different sectors. SAFe is known to promote delivery, collaboration and alignment across large number of Agile Teams by using three bodies of knowledge-

  1. Lean Product Development

  2. Agile Software Development

  3. Systems Thinking

The framework is still developing with every edition and is being shared publicly with an accreditation scheme for professionals who want to implement, train and support others in adopting SAFe. A number of trusted institutes offer many certification courses online to train in SAFe. One such platform is Acekube which offers a number of SAFe Certification courses which can help to boost your career. At Acekube, there are certified and experienced trainers who train and guide other professionals in SAFe at flexible timings. The SAFe Agile Certification teaches about ten concepts derived from Lean and Agile principles-

  • Take an Economic View of a project

  • Application of Systems Thinking

  • Preserve options assuming variability

  • Incremental build with fast integrated learning cycles

  • Mark milestones on objective evaluation of working systems

  • Manage queue lengths and reduce batch sizes

  • Application of Cadence to synchronize with cross-domain planning

  • Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers in the team

  • Decentralize decision making in the project

  • Organize everything around value

What are the benefits of SAFe Agile Certification?

For the past decade SAFe has proved to be successful and revolutionary in the field of Software Development and project management in implementing and scaling Agile values in large organizations. The increasing popularity and demand of SAFe Certified professionals makes it financially rewarding. There are other benefits to SAFe Certification-

  1. Helps in adoption of Agile values- Certified SAFe professionals will be able to implement and scale Agile values in large organizations.

  2. Worldwide recognition of the certification- SAFe Agile certifications like Leading SAFe is recognized worldwide and hence this gives a lot of opportunity to the professionals.

  3. Pay hike- This certification helps in boosting your career and is also financially rewarding.

  4. Less chance of mistakes in implementation- The certification course gives a detailed knowledge about Agile principles and its implementation. This reduces chances of errors while implementing Agile in projects.

  5. Knowing particular roles and designations in Agile- Implementing Agile in a project involves many roles and sometimes needs to assign new roles for tasks. Professionals with knowledge of Agile roles can provide proper designations for particular tasks.

  6. Better at decision-making- Confidence of knowing the framework in details makes a certified professional better at decision making.

  7. Continuous delivery of products- Integration with DevOps is taught in the certification courses which help in continuous delivery of products.

  8. Handling dynamic fluctuations- Customer-friendly organizations prefer using SAFe to deal with fluctuating demands.

  9. Solving issues in a project- This course trains to remove blockages in the roadway of the project.

  10. Mastering in Lean-Agile Approach- SAFe certification helps in mastering the Lean-Agile Approach and also gives a boost to your career.


SAFe is a very popular Agile framework which integrates the principles of Agile, Lean and Systems Thinking to manage projects in large organizations across different sectors. However, It is also popular because it has worldwide recognition. At Acekube many SAFe certification courses are offered which can prove to be a catalyst for your career.


  1. What are the courses SAFe Offers?

There are a number of certification courses in SAFe -

  1. Implementation of Agile principles needs SAFe Agile Certification?

No, it is not compulsory to get a SAFe agile certification to implement Agile principles in a project. But, a SAFe Certification helps to give a detailed knowledge of Lean-Agile approach and also enhances growth in career.

  1. What do you mean by Systems Thinking?

Since it is a holistic approach towards solving problems which isn’t necessarily formulaic. It helps to implement strategic themes to a project and also predicts future outcomes based on the understanding of the surrounding.

About Acekube Acekube is a customer focused platform to enhance your team’s agility to quickly adapt to changing market needs. An array of certifications are delivered with the expertise of our experienced coaches and trainers across a large spectrum of fields including chemical, petrochemical, banking, finance, IT, retail and insurance sectors, spanning administrative, commercial, operations, business and management portfolios. We provide Agile certifications including SAFe certification courses, Scrum master, Kanban, DevOps, and more. All our trainers are certified Program Consultants and Agile Practitioners, having hands on experience of working as Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager. Start your Agile journey with us! Enroll Now

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